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The first problem you should address in your essay on culture shock is the language skill issue. Misunderstanding native languages including body languages or being unfamiliar with new food are responsible for the culture shock. It is good to note that cultural shock is not suffered solely by people who have moved from one country to another.

The universities offer specialized help to international students, such as health services, international office, counseling services, and hall wardens. The honeymoon period usually lasts for around three months, before the negotiation phase starts.

Many people will want to spend a lot of time cooking or cleaning things. One may lose the interest in a lot of things even those that they are fond and used to doing. We are forced to move either for short terms or extended periods.

For example, when Westerners visit Vietnam, they may feel disturbed when hear "what are you doing? Many people will, however, look sickly. Cultural shock is known to affect people a lot.

Not everyone is subjected to the four stages as many people skip stages. In this phase individuals notice the huge gap amongst their new culture and their old one, and this creates anxiety within them.

Because of these differences a great student from Asia may not be able to achieve such good performance in Europe or in North America. It is important to offer solutions in a culture shock essay.

This is usually seen amongst immigrants, expatriates or when a person goes to visit another country. It is possible for them to experience loss of appetite, loss of energy, headaches, and gastrointestinal problems.

Introduction of your culture shock essay

Such feelings will influence their physical health as well. And the strange food sometimes makes you suffer from intestinal disturbance, especially when you taste tropical food.

Taking part in group activities could be a thesis theme for your essay. One of the aspects to think about is listening. Not all international students have good enough language skills to understand what their teachers or fellow students are saying when addressing an academic topic.

After an individual is set in a routine, the cultural differences provide less anxiety and shock, and they reasonably know what to expect in different situations, and start viewing the cultural differences in a positive light again. According to statistical data, more and more young adults decide to travel abroad, in more developed countries than their own, to learn and enrich their country upon their return.

Essay on the problem of Culture Shock

Again, it is very important for the students to have good language skills so that they will be able to fit in the new environment and have successes.

Indeed, these sentences are just "Hi" or "good morning" Culture Shock is the effect that we suffer from having to relocate. Besides, food is also an important element attributed to the culture shock.

The most known causes of shock are the weather in the new location, culture, values, customs, mode of dressing, landscape and the food. Simply put, it is the term describing the feelings of people who spend longer periods of time abroad in a culture, which greatly differs from their own.

The cause for this is usually due to the negative points about the new culture that the individual sees as evident, which contradicts their positive view during the honeymoon period. Even moving within the same country could cause cultural shock.

This is something you are already used to, but a foreign student will always work based on the system in their own country. In some educational systems, it is important for students to be able to reproduce what the books or the teachers say, without asking questions. When you visit a foreign country, you will find it difficult to understand the language, even when you know the language, that makes you buzzled.

What is there to be done? The most common cause of culture shock is individuals in foreign environments. Many ghettos are areas with high level of poverty and crime.

Symptoms of Cultural Shock Different people will behave differently when facing a cultural shock.Mar 05,  · A culture shock essay might be your chance to express your thoughts and feelings regarding this social phenomenon affecting all international students in the world/5(50).

And this makes each person a mix of a variety of cultures – a unique culture of their own. Essays That Worked Read the top college essays that worked at Yale and more.

Culture shock is a major phenomenon around the world, as the world has become globalized and more people travel to different countries for economic reasons and tourism. Connect with me Twitter. Nov 13,  · In conclusion, culture shock should always be studied carefully so that people can feel easier to adjust to new enviroment and haven't to meet culture shock.

Getting used to the madness!

culture shock I encountered. Culture Shock The following is an essay on an interview I conducted with a friend about culture shock, it is for the most part in her own words. I recorded the interview and then put her words to paper, some of the wording referring to culture shock and the different things such as ethnocentrism are my own words: My trip to Europe was an eye /5(9).

The culture shock can bring positive effects, but at the same time, it also can affect people in a negative way. Purpose. This article investigates how overseas students encounter the culture shock when they first time to go abroad and.

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